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Home Elevators In Ontario

Nibav Vacuum Elevators are powered by the most abundant resources in the world …

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Discover the Future of Home Mobility

An Elegant solution to all the mobility issues. With Nibav, bring home the ultimate convenience you have been looking for.
Nibav’s home lifts come with elegant design, and European safety standards creating a perfect balance. Having zero impact on your home infrastructure, our home lifts are the best fit you can get for your home interiors. Our air-driven home lifts consume less energy than a home appliance, require 90% less lift maintenance than its alternatives, and only need minimal space to be installed.

Introducing Our Seasonal Collection ​


Series III Standard

The sleek model Series III Standard from Nibav Home Lifts can be upgraded up to level 4 stops (G+3), with an optimizable cabin space. Giving the outlook that satisfies your aesthetics and the safety standards for the world’s safest ride, we offer our home lifts that require no civil work to fit into your residence, anywhere and anytime!


Series III Max

You can reinvent your space’s elegance by simply installing our classy, yet luxurious Series III Max edition of our home lifts. This model is designed to specifically cater to all your requirements for fluid movements inside your house. The superior quality of our innovation is its technology, these air-driven home lifts are both innovative and green (eco-friendly).


What is a Nibav Home Elevator?
Nibav Home Elevators in Canada offers homeowners a simple and easy way of moving between floors in a multi-story property. The home lifts are non-hydraulic cable elevators and offer an alternative solution to a Nibav Seriers 3 MaX Home elevator when the stairs become challenging. The range of Nibav Home elevators available is also a great way to future-proof your home for use in later life.
Do Nibav Home elevators in Canada adhere to wheelchair-friendly specifications?
The simple answer is yes! As part of our extensive range of home elevators, we do offer wheelchair-friendly lifts and elevators too. Our Nibav Series 3 Max Home Elevator has been designed to fit a standard-sized wheelchair but remains compact yet spacious inside. This style of Nibav Home elevator is also ideal for users with a walker or rollator.
How safe are Nibav home elevators?
We take great pride in the fact that Nibav home elevators are extremely safe. All our products include height, weight, and out-of-balance sensors. These elevators are equipped with advanced safety mechanisms such as emergency stop buttons, door interlocks, and backup power systems to ensure reliable operation even during power outages. Additionally, Nibav home elevators comply with industry standards and regulations to meet strict safety criteria.
How much does a Nibav Home Elevator cost in Ontario?
The cost of a Nibav Home Elevator in Ontario varies depending on the application. Once an initial free site survey has been carried out, an accurate quote can be given. For more information about Nibav home elevator costs and what to be weary of, especially with online elevator prices, please click on contact.
Why Choose a Home Elevator by Nibav?
As the world’s only home elevators, residential elevators elegantly provide accessibility and enhance the value of your home while requiring much less construction, space, energy, and maintenance when compared to traditional home elevators and/or home lifts. Using pneumatic technology to generate home elevators, these self-supporting, panoramic home elevators offer homeowners an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for any retro-fit or new construction project. Nibav home elevators are commonly installed in as little as 24–48 hours.

Discover the Elevating Possibilities

With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new Nibav vacuum home lifts 2023 model is miles ahead of its previous model and other traditional home elevators.


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